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Dirty Sunset is an indie folk-rock group from Phoenix, AZ.  They have an energetic live show that features original music with powerful vocals, interesting melodies, and violin-centric riffs that are sure to entertain.

Forged from open mic nights in the valley of the sun, what originally began as a side project for singer-songwriter Juan Pablo Blanco and violinist Kevin Wiscombe, became a true passion. After working together for about a year they decided to focus their energy establishing a full band live show and Dirty Sunset was formed.

​Dirty Sunset is JP Blanco - vocals and guitar, Kevin Wiscombe - violin, Adam Newbould-Schlund - bass guitar, and Chris Chapman - piano/organ. However, they have also been known to add additional musicians in the mix - bongos, horns, and more - to explore various tonal palettes and give a genuinely unique listening experience for their fans.

Dirty Sunset is excited to announce plans for a full-length album entitled, "Give In" to be released September 9th, 2017. Working with Engineer Josh "Schmitty" Schmidt at The Record Parlor in Phoenix, Dirty Sunset will take their listeners on a journey drawing from experiences over the past few years in a true story-teller fashion. "Give In" features studio performances by Thomas Hurley on drums, David Moore on saxophone, and studio musician gone full bandmate - Chris Chapman on piano and organ.

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